Introduction:This studywas undertaken to determine the spectrum of cervical cytology in Warri to equip relevant authorities with baseline data for management of its populace.
Methodology:The data for this study were obtained from the records of patients seen in consultation by the Department of Histopathology, Central Hospital Warri during the 10-year period. Relevant clinical information including age and sex were extracted from the available cyto-pathology records

Results:The results showed that 84(11%) cases were unsatisfactory for cytologic assessment. Most of the samples revealed no intraepithelial malignancy or lesion (76%) and majority of these were normal (61%). The ectocervical epithelial abnormality predominantly recorded were ASC-H (34%) with most of these disposed within the sixth decade of life. The next most common groups wereHSIL(27%),LSIL (20%) and ASCUS (19%) with most lesions occurring in the 6th decade of life. Eight cases of atypical glandular epithelium (AGC) were observed while a case of adenocarcinoma insitu and two cases of adenocarcinoma were recorded.

Conclusion:An audit of the outcomes of the papanicolaou tests for the uterine cervix of consults received in the cytopathology unit of the pathology department of Central Hospital Warri within a period of ten years has been demonstrated.

Key words: Cytology, Cervix, Pathology,Warri