In this era of great health challenges, organ donation may be the only intervention to failing and failed organs. Organ donation is willingly accepting to donate an organ or part of an organ to someone with a failing organ or failed organ. There are very few voluntary donations. Cadavers a major tool in the study of anatomy is gotten from unclaimed bodies, corpse of condemned criminals and donation of corpse. This cross sectional survey comprised of 707 students, 390 dissecting students and 317 non dissecting students from the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, Delta State University Abraka. Structured questionnaires were administered to the students and data analysed. This was done to know the perception of student to organ and corpse donation and to assess if dissection affects the willingness to donate an organ or corpse for research. Result generally showed a negative attitude to organ and corpse donation. Only 5.9% considered donating their organs and 4.1% considered donating their corpse for research. The poor attitude towards organ and body donation may be attributed to people not wanting their bodies to be disrespected (30%), fear of the effect of donation (23%), religious beliefs (10%), and traditional beliefs (6%). Lack of awareness on donation of organs and corpse also accounted for a few percentages.

Key Words: Organ Donation, Corpse Donation, Failed organs