Nasal bone and piriform aperture which defines the shape of the nose are anthropological indicators used in defining race.
Aim: In order to understand the morphological features of Nigerian noses, the study aimed at determining the morphometry of the nasal bone and piriform aperture of adult Nigerian skulls.
Materials and Methods:
This study was an observational study. It involved the measurement of 51 dry adult skulls of unknown age and sex. The shape of the nasal bones and piriform apertures were determined with a digital calliper.
Findings from this study showed a mean width and height of the nasal bone as 11.31±2.90mm and 20.96±3.74mm respectively. The mean height of the piriform apertures ,upper and lower width were 32.21±3.88mm, 16.41±2.31mm and 27.07±2.30mm . The mean Piriform and nasal index observed are 0.61+0.08 and 0.55+0.16while the area of nasal aperture was 699.12+97.60. Types I (long and narrow) and II (squared/slightly circular) were noticed for the nasal bones while Types A (very broad) and B (broad) were discovered for the piriform apertures. There was no significant difference (p<0.05) in the means of the height and width of nasal bones; height, upper and lower widths of the piriform apertures for Types I and II. However significant difference (p<0.05) was observed for the nasal and piriform aperture index for Types I and II.
This study showed that the shape of the nasal and piriform apertures was typical of an African nose.
Key words:
Nasal bone; Piriform aperture; Nigerians; Mophometry