This research work was aimed at determining reference value for some haematological parameters such as Total Red Blood Cell Count (RBC), Pack Cell Volume (PCV), Haemoglobin concentration (Hb) and Total White Blood Cell count (WBC).
Materials and Methods:
Twenty-seven (27) female New Zealand white rabbits were used for this study. They were housed in standard laboratory condition, had free access to pelleted rabbits chow and water for the period of 2 weeks before the commencement of the study. At the end of the two weeks, bloodsamples were collected from each animal through vein puncture into EDTA bottles for Haematological analyses using automated haematology analyzer. Statistical analyses were done using Microsoft excel, 2010. Result was expressed in Mean ± Standard Error of Mean, the minimum and maximum values were also recorded.
The average value of PCV(%) was 37.19± 0.92; RBC (x106/mm3) 2.81 ± 0.16; Hb (g/dl) 13.84± 0.26 and WBC(x103/mm3)5.70±0.38.
Conclusion: The result obtained from this study can serve as some haematological reference values for NewZealand rabbits during scientific or clinical researchers.
Key words:
Haematological indices, New Zealand Rabbits, Reference value